Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Those Boys!

I remember the days when bucks would fight over me.
It was exciting.
It was flattering.

Now I'm an old goat and no one is fighting over me any more.
But that's OK.
I've had my day.
Now it's time for the new does.

But I am not sure those boys over there in that other pen quite understand things.
They have really going at each other.

The goat stomps!

The horn locking!

The head butting!

All for what?


And guess what?
Just guess!

She could care less!
All she did while those boys were trying to impress her was a bit of goat yoga.

Silly, silly, silly boys.
And it's not like it's going to get you anywhere if she cared.....

Silly boys.

ps:  the publicist let us out for the first graze of the season! She even shared a snack with us. You can read about it on her blog HERE. She would appreciate any comments or shares of that post.


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