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The Farm Cats Ask, "Are You a Fluffy Cat?" We Have Some Help and a Giveaway! #HillsPet

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Harry the Farm Cat, #HillsPet, #spon

It's Farm Cat Friday and I am here to meow some very important information from Hill's Pet to you. But first I need to ask a question; are you a fluffy feline? A plump purr-er? A tubby tabby? If you are it is nothing to be embarrassed about - over HALF the population of dogs and cats in the US are overweight! So if you are you are definitely not alone. The number of cats in this group has increased by 90% (!?!) in the last five years alone. Your humans struggle to help you but they don't like to keep your food and treats from you. I understand that. For them dealing with cat weight loss is almost as hard as dealing with their own weight loss. Sad kitty faces are hard to for them to ignore.

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Solution Dry Cat Food, #HillsPet, #spon
Image courtesy Hill's Pet
The publicist understands this. She followed a weight loss plan and lost a lot of pounds. In her life before the Farm she had a kitty that needed to diet. Unfortunately for that cat there were very few options. Not like today -  that is what is so exciting. If you need to drop a few pounds you can run to your human and tell them to come learn all about Hills® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Weight Solution! This food is prescribed by your veterinarian; he or she is the one best able to determine if you need it. You can meow to your human that it is clinically proven nutrition that allows them to change what they feed you not how they feed you. Studies have shown that by using the Metabolic Weight Solution you could be a leaner kitty in 60 days! Isn't that wonderful?

Watch this very cute movie to learn more:

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

That kitty has a very loving human! If you are reading this you most likely have a loving human too - like our publicist. She loves us all very much. She makes sure we have good food and lots of exercise. We also get lots of tasty treats and 'nip. You know I am the resident mousie hunter around here so I am always on the prowl. I run, I leap and I jump. I spend a lot of time on top of fence posts. I am a lean kitty at a perfect weight.

But then there is Sherpa....I have no meows to explain Sherpa, but despite his being Sherpa he still maintains his boyish figure. That might change as he gets older. He is not as active as I am. He does not hunt mousies. He spends most of his days in strange sleeping positions.  He might become one of those overweight cats and end up needing the complete Metabolic Weight Solution. Fortunately for him (and for anycat that needs some help) the program includes dry foods, canned foods and treats that are designed to work together to make it easy to keep on track. Heaven knows we kitties need our cat treats!

Metabolic Weight Solution Prize Package, #HillsPet, #spon
Image courtesy Hill's Pet
Now I have very exciting news for you! 10 lucky cats will win a Hills® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Weight Solution Starter Kit. But this is not like our usual giveaways here at The Maaaaa of Pricilla.
(I really think this blog should be The Meow of Harry - what do you think?) 
Since this is a prescription food the winners will need veterinarian approval before their prize can be shipped.

That means we have different rules for entering so read them carefully!

The kit includes:

1 Weight Loss Success Tote Bag
1 Weight Loss Success Guide
1 4lb bag of Metabolic dry cat food
2 (5.5oz) Metabolic cans
1 (2.5oz) Metabolic treats
(2) $25 coupons

Very nice! You can enter if you have a dog or a cat. We are an equal opportunity giveaway!
To enter to win your human just need to leave a comment on the blog with the following information:

What is your pet: dog or cat 
Pet’s age 
Pet’s current weight or close guess 
Your name 
Your email address 

This giveaway is limited to one winner per household and is for U.S. residents only. Be sure to use a valid email when leaving your comment so we can contact if you are chosen as a winner. The giveaway will end on 3/31/14 and the winners will be contacted by email. They will have 48 hours to respond. This giveaway is for US readers only. Only only kit can be won per household no matter how many blogs you may enter to win.

You will need your vet's approval before you can try the new food.

Harry the Farm Cat, #HillsPet, #spon

This was all very exciting for me today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I hope you learned something. I know I did. I want to always be a lean, mean mousie eating machine! Many people have written great reviews for Metabolic Weight Solution and it has helped their pets slim down.

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