Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Investigation Continues - I Have Three Suspects

As you all know we have a MYSTERY under investigation here on the Farm.
Our Weed Tree has DISAPPEARED!

Our yummy, tasty, delicious Weed Tree!

I have been an intrepid InvestigatorGoat and I have come up with three suspects in its disappearance:

Alex the goat, AKA TerrorGoat, AKA PIA goat

Harry the Farm cat - do YOU trust that face?

The male person. WHY is he smiling? WHY?

One of these three is the one who took it away.
I am SURE of it!

Who do YOU think is the culprit and WHY do you think they did it.
Or if you think it might be some (one,cat,goat) else let me know. I'm willing to consider other suspects.
If you guess right there is a prize!


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