Friday, March 7, 2014

I Get to Meet My Grandkid - Alex the Goat

I came down to my pen today and was in for a surprise!
It's true!
I would not lie.

I entered the pen and stopped short!
I did not see AbbyGoat in the pen.
I saw something else!
Something very special!

Thelma the goat and my new great grandkid, Alex the goat!
I was very excited!
I am not so sure Thelma was as excited as I was....

I would NEVER hurt a baby!
You do not have to bark at me Thelma!
(Yes, we goats do bark to warn away threats.)

Isn't my little great grandkid cute?
I think he is adorable - but I might be a little prejudiced.

Thelma is a good nanny.
She will take very good care of him.
You can see how tall he is - he is one big kid!

Thelma is maaaaing her joy far and wide.
Or starting to mooo, one or the other.
What do you think?
They are cowgoats after all!

Welcome to the Farm Alex the goat - we are happy you are here.


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