Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Goats Mystery: I Know Who Did it!

My investigation is OVER.
I KNOW who stole the Weed Tree.
You were ALL right....


He stole the Weed Tree so he could plant STRAWBERRIES in that spot next summer.
All I have to maaaa is that I had better get some of those strawberries male person, OR ELSE!

He said I had no right to be mad at him because he did give all of us the tree to munch upon.
He said that we are the most spoiled goats in the state of Montana.

To that I maaaa, "HARUMPH!"
How does he know this anyway?

Since so many of you guessed right the publicist put your names in a hat and the perpetrator himself pulled one out and Ellen in Oregon will win the prize! If Ellen will just email the publicist at kaiminani at gmail dot com I will make sure the publicist sends it out.

I do admit that I did also look into the possibility that HH Gutt might have had something to do with it but he was on the other side of the country. I don't trust cats living OR stuffed.

I thank everyone who cared and sent me nice words about my missing Weed Tree.


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