Thursday, March 13, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa the Farm Cat Kills the Mousie!

It's true!
I wouldn't lie.
I am an honest goat.

The publicist REALLY needs to sweep
It was just lying there on the floor.
A simple mousie.
I think it was the catnip that drew him in.

Sherpa is showing the mousie his claws.
This can't be good.

He has that mousie in his sharp claws.
It doesn't stand a chance.

Oh the mouse-manity!
Can nothing save the mousie?

What is this?
Is Sherpa KISSING the mousie?
Or is this a taste test?
What do YOU think?

The mousie looks shocked.
Now is it being hugged?
I will never understand cats.

Sherpa meows, "talk to the paw!"
"I'll do what I want with the mousie!"

Come to me my little friend.
You are all mine.
I'll never leave you.

Ooooh, what's that?
A new toy?
What do you mean it's the publicist's camera strap - it's my new toy!

I can't believe she took it away from me.
There's nothing to do around here.


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