Sunday, March 2, 2014

Farm Cat Fascination

The Farm cats have some new entertainment.
I will maaaa to you that I am helping in this.
How you ask?
Well I will maaaa to you.

The publicist and the male person were worried about all of the little birdies with all of the snow.
So they decided they should put some food out for them.
But the only food they had was my goat grain.

MY goat grain.
Of course they did not ask me if I wanted to share.
I would have maaaaed yes of course but it would have been nice to be asked.
It is MY goat goat grain after all.

How does this lead to new entertainment for the Farm cats?

The birdies are eating my goat grain on the deck.
This has led to some bird watching.

First one Farm cat.

Then two Farm cats.

Then three Farm cats.

Then it was back to one Farm cat.

and two Farm cats.

and three Farm cats.
But for some reason, never four Farm cats.
Very strange that.

The birdies enjoyed my goat grain.
They ate a fair bit of it.
The male person is going to get some bird food on Monday.
We would not want the birdies to starve.

Or the Farm cats to go without entertainment.


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