Monday, March 3, 2014

AbbyDay - A Winner and a New Farm Cat

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week written by the best goat on the Earth.

It's AbbyDay and I am full of news today. First I - yes, me AbbyGoat, get to announce the winner of the Name the New Cow Soap contest. The publicist says she is sorry it has taken her so long to give me the winner but she is the laziest woman on the face of the earth claims she has been busy.


If you will recall Pricilla has a new soap in her shop shaped like a cow.
Why she needed this I do not know.
If you ask me she needs another Abby Soap.
One is simply not enough to truly express my wonderfulness.
The publicist says she has this soap in several scents now but they are not all listed in the shop because she has not gotten off her lazy butt to package them claims she has been busy with favor soap orders.


But without further ado the new cow soap is named - Clara!
And the winner is Sharkbytes!
Clara just happens to be the publicist's grandmother's name.
(Sharkbytes if you will email the publicist at kaiminani at gmail dot com she can get your address so she can mail you your prize!)
Thank you to everyone who submitted such cute names.

I am also instructed to tell you that VisitorCat is officially a Farm cat.
The male person took him to the vet yesterday to have his pompoms removed.
The vet thinks he is part Maine Coon Cat!
He weighs 16 pounds and is healthy as far as can be figured out from a vet visit. They think he is about 2 years old. They also think he was in some kind of accident - like the publicist thought too because of the way his tail is shortened and kinked and the way his back end is skinnier than his front end.

He will come home from the vet tomorrow and hopefully stop all of his yowling.
I am sure this will lead to many more entertaining cat adventures.
There will be an intermew with him and we will tell you his name on this week's Farm Cat Friday.

The snow has made some interesting formations on the entry gates to my pen. I think they are in homage to my greatness.

What do you think?
The publicist asked on Facebook but no one answered that they were to salute AbbyGoat!
Pffft! Silly people.

For this being an AbbyDay there was very little AbbyGoat!
So I will end with a photo of ME.

As it should be!


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