Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Snow Did Fall

AbbyGoat's Stare of Death did NO GOOD.
It snowed.
And it snowed.
And it snowed.
And it snowed some more.
It snowed so much we got enough snow that I pondered how my udder could swing free if it was buried in SNOW.

Guess what?

Just look!
That snow is almost as tall as ME!

I must say that the publicist and the male person are very, very good to us.
The male person made us pathways in our pens.
I do not know what we would have done otherwise.
We got 18" of the white stuff and the publicist tells me that another storm is on the way.
I do not want to even think about it.

My studmuffin didn't care about it as long as he could get to his hay.
Luke has a rather one track mind.
Well two tracks but this is a family blog.

The other girls are just sticking to the cleared areas.
We have never seen this much snow before.

Not all at once, anyway.
It was a lot of shoveling for the poor male person.
We do thank him.

Especially Bernadette.
When she gets out of the cleared area she disappears!
There will be a movie on Saturday!
If we are not snowed under!

I am one goat who is ready for Spring.
Does anyone want to adopt me?
I do not ask for much....just a nice place to sleep, some hay, some grain and the occasional apple.

Let me know....


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