Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rudy Maaaaas, "Look at Me, Me, Me, MEEEEEEEEE!"

Rudy the goat has moved into the pen with those other "young-uns."
Which is just fine by me.
I simply cannot keep up with them any longer.
I like my peace.
I like my quiet.

It's just me and AbbyGoat in the one pen.
At least until the Spring kids come along.
WE are at peace.

But somegoat is not.
Little Rudy the goat does not like being in with all of those other goats.
He maaas that he does not feel special in that pen.
He maaas that he does not stand out.

We keep maaaing back that he is the only black goat in a sea of cowgoats but it is not enough for our little whiner. He wants attention all the time and he'll try anything to get it.

He tries to fit his head where it will not fit.
Even the rooster thinks he is being silly.

He tries giving the publicist dirty looks.
But he is a bit too cute to pull off the "Goat Stare of Death."

We do not know what this is....any ideas?
Some form of goat yoga?
Goat pilates?
We are baffled....

And then he tries to impress little Bernadette because we all know she is in love with Keith the goat.
Just wait 'til you see the MOVIE!

WHAT are we going to do with him?
He just wants us to look at HIM, HIM, HIM!

Is it working?


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