Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Soap News and a Giveaway!

Every so often the publicist reminds me that I have to work for my apples.
So today I am here to maaaa to you about two new soaps in my shop!
Well, one is in my shop and one will be there soon.

The first one is a new Favor Soap.
Favor soaps have been keeping the publicist busy as lots of people order these little soaps for their parties.
She has made them for weddings, wedding showers, baby showers and birthday parties. I picked out a new mold because I thought it said it all....

I mean really, what else is important about this soap?
It has goat's milk in it!
Happy Goat milk! That's the best kind if you ask me!

We are also going to introduce a new cow soap.
Don't ask me why - I don't make these decisions.
If it were up to me it would be all goats, all the time.
And well, MAYBE a cat. Maybe.

But the publicist thought we needed a new cow.
She's not in the shop yet - we will have to get her a name.
Any suggestions?
In this picture she is in the brand new limited edition Vanilla Mint scent.
Should we have a giveaway?

Leave a name for the cow and the publicist will pick her favorite.
Then I will pull a name out of a bucket to win one of the new soaps.
How does that sound?

OK publicist - I did the work, where are my apples?


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