Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mother Nature Must Not Like Goats

Why else would she make it so cold?
I don't understand.

The publicist has been very good to us - she makes sure we have plenty of hot water to drink.
She makes sure we have a little extra grain to eat to help keep us warm.

And yesterday she even took us up to the barn a little early to get us out of the weather.
Did I maaaa-ntion that it snowed? AGAIN!

You saw the photo of Luke the snowgoat. (This might make a good nomination for Best Blog Photo for the Nose to Nose Awards, hint hint).

We were ALL frostygoats! I was hiding deep inside my goathouse. I did NOT want to come out even to go to the barn. I am not a dummygoat.

I waited until those other goats made a path. I followed at the end.
It's a LONG walk up to that barn.
Although the real cold hadn't come yet.

Louise and Bernadette were happy to get to the barn.

Even Rude-ly was happy to be getting out of the snow.
You can see how furry he has gotten.

I took my sweet time.
I did not want to slip on the snow.
I admit it. I'm getting old.

Aaaaah finally, my snack.
Not much better than grain!

The publicist put my goat-ure on me and I haven't let her take it off since.
I do not like these below zero temperatures.
I think they should go away!


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