Sunday, February 9, 2014

It Snowed Yet AGAIN!

Can you believe it?
I am starting to think we are living the days over and over again.
The publicist brought us out of the barn but we wanted right back in.
We are not stupid goats!

It is much nicer in a warm, dry barn with yummy hay.
Right Louise and Bernadette?
You remember them coming in from Mother Nature's fury - right?

That's much better, isn't it?
No snow on you!

Same for Thelma and Keith/
Right guys?
Thelma? Keith?
I guess they are too busy eating.
I don't blame them!

And now all of you ladygoats get ready.
Here is the glamour shot.....

Oh yeah.
Have I made your day?
You are jealous of me, aren't you?
I know you are.
You all want to come live on the Farm.
But he's mine.....all mine (and I guess the other does.)


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