Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm Tired

Happy President's Day to all of my friends in the US

I will maaaaa you.
This winter has been a hard one.
Even though it has warmed up enough that I don't need to wear my goat-ure

I am really not a happy goat.
I think I am feeling my years.

The walk up to the barn seems like miles.
At least the publicist has been feeding me apples.
Apples make me happy.

I still smile for apples!
But first I have to catch my breath.

I scared the publicist yesterday.
I climbed up on the stanchion so I could eat my grain and she looked away for minute and the next thing she saw was me doing a double flip! I fell off the stanchion! I did not maaaa to her how it happened. I was too embarrassed. But she was very, very worried.

I was a little scared too.
I don't think I like getting old.

I am OK but I am going to be more careful.
It was good there was a nice bit of hay on the barn floor.
I bounced.


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