Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - A SHOCKING Occurence

Before I share with you a never before seen and never again to be seen again occurrence I want to thank all of you who offered to adopt me. The publicist was QUITE PUT OUT that I would even consider leaving.
I guess I really wouldn't but it's nice for a goat to dream.
All of those descriptions of nice, warm locales had this doe feeling all toasty inside.
So I thank you my friends.

Now I want to share something shocking.
Even the publicist was amazed.
She came into the living room and saw this...

THREE Farm cats on the new cat tree!
Can you believe your eyes?

Even Sherpa the Farm cat was a little surprised to find Pumpkin there.
Pumpkin usually hides in dark corners.
Or on the male person's meditation cushion getting it all hairy.
The male person does NOT appreciate this.

But no, all three Farm cats were very peaceably sleeping on the cat tree.
It has not been seen again.....
It was THAT unusual.

Only topped by Harry the Farm cat and VisitorCat sharing the couch!

Will wonders in the yurt never cease?!


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