Thursday, February 6, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - It's TOO Cold For Anything

Last night was the coldest night the Farm has EVER experienced since we have lived on it.
We all woke up and it was 22 BELOW zero!
That is just TOO COLD.

All of us goats were shivering.
Except Luke the goat.
I guess he really IS a toughbuck!

The publicist brought us out into the sunshine where it had warmed up to a nice and balmy 8 below zero by noon. Aren't we lucky goats? But by then we had gotten some nice hot water, some grain and some hay so most of us were feeling better.

I was still not so happy and AbbyGoat seems to be having a bit of a relapse.
It is, fortunately, supposed to get warmer from here on out.
Let's all hope so!

So what are the Farm cats doing in all of this cold?
What would you expect the Farm cats to be doing in all of this cold?

If you said nappin' you'd be right!
There has been a LOT of nappin' going on around the yurt.

And a lot of yawning.

And they are all very happy for the big, roaring fire.
Why can't we goats have a big roaring fire?


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