Thursday, February 20, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - An Elusive Sighting

We goats were out in our pens just chewing out cuds when we saw it.
We were somewhat shocked.
It hasn't been seen since the warm, sunny days of summer.
Even the publicist was surprised.

He must have decided to go out the basement door - the publicist runs the hose out from the hot water heater so she can give us our delicious hot water in the winter. It does leave the basement door open a bit.
Silly Pumpkin!

He wandered around a bit but he was not a happy cat!
He likes it warm and sunny not cold and snowy.
I can't say that I blame him.

He didn't stay out long.
He just skulked a bit, went under the male person's truck and meowed.
Then he came out from under the truck and stared at the publicist as if she could bring back the summer.
I think SHE wishes she could bring back summer.

Pumpkin was soon done with his exploring and back in the warm and dry yurt.
But it WAS nice to see him.
None of the Farm cats are spending too much time outside right now.
Smart cats!


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