Friday, January 17, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - What Do You Mean We Can't Keep the Old Scratching Post?!

Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats here to meow to you some very distressing news. Well, WE think it is distressing anyway. We know we shouldn't be upset but we are. You can tell us what you think after we share our tale of woe.

Are you ready Harry?
You look a bit depressed.

Well, he is. Do you want to know why?
Because the publicist has told us we cannot keep our old scratching post!
Can you imagine?
Why would she tell us that?
Just because she gave us brand new cat tree for Christmaaaa does not mean we have to give up the old one, does it?

I don't think so nor does Harry.
In fact I'm meowing to him that ALL of you agree with us, DON'T YOU?
It will make him feel better.
Just because it is all ripped up and destroyed is no reason to remove it from the yurt.

Harry and I LIKE the old scratching post.
We both fit....comfortably.
Awwww come on Harry - cheer up!
How about a kiss?
Does a kiss help?

::Harry thinks about this for a minute and decides he wants to meow his feelings about Sherpa's kiss::

Uhm, have a good day everyone!
So glad you stopped by!


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