Thursday, January 30, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Harry the SNOW Cat?

It has been snowing for the last two days.
We goats spent a bit of time out yesterday but we were again mostly in our barn.

Harry the Farm cat on the other hoof was out in the snow!

Should he be called Harry the SNOW cat?
He seemed to be having some fun.
He ran this way.

He ran that way!
It could be because the publicist *might* have thrown a snowball at him.
I'm not maaaing.

After all that running around he decided it was time to go into the nice, warm yurt.
I can't maaaa I blame him!

What's this?
Is he being FOLLOWED?

Do those chickens think that they will be allowed into the yurt?
I am pretty sure I heard the publicist mumble, "ain't no way that's gonna happen. Stupid birds."

Harry stepped up his pace 'cause he didn't want to be pecked.
Those chickens can be VICIOUS!

Up,up, UP!
Yay, almost to warm!

Hey! Let me in!
I want in!

What's taking so long!

Whew, that's better.
It's exhausting being out in all that snow.

Time for some serious nappin'!

I would maaa that Harry is NOT a snow cat.
How about you?

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