Saturday, January 4, 2014

AbbyGoat Maaaas Thank You

As I maaaed the other day, AbbyGoat has not been feeling well.
The publicist was not really sure what was wrong with her.
She was just not her usual self.

She did not want her grain!
If you do not want TMI stop reading for a minute (her poops were not good)
She was listless.

So the publicist just made sure she had lots of fresh hay and minerals.
Some tasty apples and good water and kept an eye on her.

She is starting to act a bit more like herself.

She actually trotted a little when she came out to the pen yesterday.

She even tried to give the publicist a hard time.
THAT is when we know she is feeling like herself!
(She did have a bit of a snotty nose so the publicist cleaned it for her even though it made her gag.)

She went into her pen and enjoyed a bit of sun - it was actually out today.
Not for long but it was nice to see.

She pooped - normally!
I know TMI again but it's a good think with us goats.

Then she shared some grain with Rudy.
She hadn't done that in quite some time.

It made me smile.
The publicist too.
We all hope she continues to feel better


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