Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Goat's Eye View

It snowed yesterday.
You know what that means.
None of us would come out of the barn.
We don't like the snow.

Do you blame us?

Would you want to come out of the barn for this?

I didn't think so!
I'm going back in the barn.
Maybe I'll come out tomorrow.


ps:  I have been interviewed! By a FAMOUS AUTHOR! Her name is Melissa Guion and she has written two children's books about penguins. The publicist is giving her brand new book away later today on her blog. It's called Baby Penguins Love Their Mama. You can buy it here:


My interview and the giveaway will be up later today. I will post the link for you tomorrow so you can go and see it. I am a very excited goat.


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