Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Paws Drive - Commentathon

It's that time of year again!
Time for all of the happy elves at Santa Paws Drive to start collecting monies and toys for their chosen shelters around the world. This year the six lucky shelters are:

Rikki's Refuge in Virginia
Good Mews in Georgia
Union County Animal Control in Illinois
Nowzad in Afghanistan
Contra Costa Humane Society in California
Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota

You can read all about them HERE.

I am most in favor of Santa Paws Drive even though they don't offer any goat gifts. There are goats in shelters too you know.
I will have to maaaaa to the Elves about this.

But anyway - I am giving a very nice prize to the Santa Paws Drive Raffle! I am offering up a year of my rich soap! It's true! I would not lie. I am a good goat. The person who wins my prize will get 4 bars of my soap every other month for a year! They can pick out whatever four bars they would like. They can keep them or they can have me send them to someone as a gift. It is only for winners in the US though because the postage is a bit expensive and I still have to eat.The Raffle will be up later this week so be sure to look for it on the site.

So I hope that you will be able to spare a green paper or two for Santa Paws Drive this year. There are a lot of kittens and puppies and cats and dogs that would love to have a Merry Christmas.  If you would like to know more you can go HERE.

Bernadette here - I am maaaing to ask you to join me, Pricilla, the rest of the Happy Goats and the Farm cats in making this the best year ever for Santa Paws Drive. I thank you for visiting my blog Pricilla's blog every day to see what she has to maaaa. In the spirit of the season I am allowed to have a commentathon today for Santa Paws. It is part of my SpokesGoat training. If I do well I get extra apples! The publicist will donate $1 per comment (up to $50) for today for every comment I can get with my cute face.

Do you think I can do it?
I will do my best but I need your help!
So comment - OK?
(One comment per being please.)


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