Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post Redux - AbbyDay: Christmaaaa Caroling with AbbyGoat

It was noted that many of you are new to the blog and have missed some of our holiday efforts so since the publicist is feeling a little tired and it's AbbyDay and I maaaaed that she could have a little break I am going to give you a repeat of one of my favorite posts. Enjoy! It's AbbyDay the best day of the week! I am the best Christmaaa caroler on the Farm. I am bringing you my solo today. I, AbbyGoat do not need back up singers.

I am going to sing The Twelve AbbyDays of Christmaaaa for you. The publicist says I can only do the last verse.
She says that no one would stay around long enough to go through the whole song. I find that hard to believe but she has me by the tail so here goes...

The Twelve AbbyDays of Christmaaaa
(I think it should be the 365 AbbyDays of the Year!)

On the twelfth day of Christmaaaa I, Abby give to you

Twelve Abbies butting

Eleven Abbies smiling

Ten Abbies a-leaping

Nine Abbies dancing (the goat dance of joy!)

Eight Abbies a-milking

Seven Abbies a-flemming

Six Abbies a-kidding


Four times calling, "ABBY!!!"

Three Abby kids

Two munching AbbyGoats

and An AbbyGoat eating up a Pine Tree!* (well spruce but whose looking?)

*with all due respect to the unknown writer


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