Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am FINALLY Being Treated as a Famous SpokesGoat Should Be

You all know how embarrassing it is for me to be seen in this...this travesty of an "outfit."

I do not know what the publicist was thinking!
You all know I have been hanging my head in shame.

But I have very good news.
Good news indeed.
It has brightened my spirits immensely.

I am getting a CUSTOM MADE COAT.
I am getting GOAT-URE if you may.

That is correct. I am having a goat coat made JUST FOR ME!

It is even coming from a foreign country - Canada!
The wonderful lady who owns the company usually makes coats for dogs but she is going to make a special coat just for me because I am special.

It is from a shop called Tootlewear.
The publicist has sent her my measurements.

NO! I will not share what they are!
I am a ladygoat - and you should not ask!

I will of course model my new piece of goat-ure once it arrives.

It will look far better than this I am sure!
Naked looks better than this....

If you have a doggie that gets cold or if any of you goats are getting chilled in this frigid weather I suggest you contact Heather at Tottlewear. The publicist says she is very, very nice. They are having a sale right now too - everything is 25% off.

I am going to go hide now.


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