Thursday, December 5, 2013

I am an Embarrassed Goat

I cannot believe what the publicist did to me.
I am so embarrassed.

I am hiding in my goat house.
Do I not look ashamed?

Even those silly boys can't believe what they are seeing.
Well, I can't stay in there forever....

Do you believe this?
OK - MAYBE I was shivering in the cold morning.
MAYBE I am a bit chilly.

But do I deserve to have the publicist cut up one of her fleece sweatshirts and put it on me?
I look ridiculous!

This is what I maaaa to the publicist.
Take THAT publicist!
This is how I feel about this outfit!

OK - I did feel a bit warmer after she put it on me.
Which did make me feel better.
So I guess it's not TOO bad.

And I can still do my goat yoga.
So that is good.

Perhaps I will give this a little more consideration.
What do YOU think?


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