Friday, December 27, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Where Are Our Presents?

We Farm cats are protesting.
You all saw the tree and know that the goats will be getting it later for tree-t.
But did you look UNDER the tree?

What do you see there?
We'll meow to you what you see - you see NOTHING!
No presents for us cats.


Don't we deserve some gifts?
Aren't we good Farm cats?

The publicist CLAIMS she ordered us some gifts but that they just haven't arrived yet.
Do you think we should believe her?

the goat is on the bottom, right. Image courtesy Nip and Bones

She CLAIMS that she ordered goat valerian toys because she thought it would amuse us to play with a goat.

Image courtesy Nip and Bones

She CLAIMS she ordered us Da Bird.
This we would all like to see as we have never had Da Bird before and we have heard many great things about it.

Image courtesy Nip and Bones

She CLAIMS she also ordered Da Bird refills 'cause she figured with four of us she would need them.

Image courtesy Nip and Bones

And she CLAIMS she ordered us Shrimp Cat Treats.

I do not think we will believe her until we SEE these presents.
OK, OK - you are right.
She did give us the very nice cat tree.
I guess she isn't ALL bad.


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