Monday, December 23, 2013

Did Thelma Get Loose?

When we last saw Thelma the goat she was erm, in a bind as it were.

She had managed to get her head caught in the fence.
What I did not maaaa to you then was that this was the THIRD DAY IN A ROW that Thelma had done this.

She should look chagrined.
She should look embarrassed.
You would think a goat would learn!

But not our Thelma!
She just kept sticking her head through that fencing.
Silly Thelma.
It's good the publicist came out when she did - Thelma was starting to resemble a snowgoat!

The male person had been here the other two days to wrangle Thelma's head through the fence.
She was not very cooperative.
Now the publicist was alone and she was concerned that she would not be able to help Thelma without wire cutters.

She walked over and guess what she found?
Can you guess?

Thelma giving her THE GOAT STARE OF DEATH!
Can you imagine?!
The publicist wanted to HELP Thelma and she gets the Goat Stare of Death.
(You can certainly tell that Thelma is AbbyGoat's kid, can't you?)
That was not nice Thelma.

The publicist helped Thelma despite this baaaaad attitude on her part.
And guess what?

She managed to get Thelma free without wire cutters!
And without breaking any of her fingers.

Even better - Thelma has not gotten her stuck in the fence since this third day.
Three time's the charm?

We are keeping our hooves crossed!


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