Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bernadette Maaaas, "The Santa Paws Drive Raffle is Ready!"

Bernadette, Famous SpokesGoat in Training here today!
I am here to maaaaa to you about something very important.

But first I must show you my SpokesGoat in Training uniform.
It is from the official clothier of the Happy Goats, Tie Dyed Hippy Wear.
I will soon graduate to my very own bandanna like my great grandnanny Pricilla but not until I am READY!

For now I will wear my tie dyed tee shirt when I am on OFFICIAL BUSINESS.
I'm cute, aren't I?
You can get these great shirts for your kitties and doggies too. They are not just for goat kids.

But now I must get down to my work for the day.

The Santa Paws Drive Raffle is open for ticket buying!

There are lots of great prizes you can buy tickets for including A YEAR OF PRICILLA'S SOAP! That's right! You could win a Year of Soap! Four bars every other month for a year! Wouldn't that be fun?

So how did I do?

Munch, munch, nibble, munch.
I'm going to like this job if I get grain.
And AbbyGoat thought I would fail.

So THERE AbbyGoat.
So there.

Be sure to go and buy your Raffle Tickets. All of those poor kitties and doggies in the shelters will just love the presents and treats they are going to get for Christmas.  If you would like to see the lucky shelters you can read all about them HERE.

I thank you for listening to me maaaa today. It was fun.
Have a nice day everyone.

I'm going to finish my grain now.
I hope you don't mind.

Of course you don't!
I'm too cute for you to mind - RIGHT?

ps:  You can get human tie dye at Tie Dyed Hippy Wear too. Not just animal.....
It makes great Christmas presents.


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