Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AbbyDay - Welcome to Our New Look

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week written by the best goat in the world.

I am sure you noticed when you stopped by today that the blog has a new look.
I am completely disgusted that I do not appear in the header so happy to introduce our new design to you!
The publicist and Pricilla without ANY input from ME worked with the very talented Glogirly Design to make this exciting change. Blog MAGIC is very true. The publicist says that Debbie is an absolute delight to work with and she is full of great ideas and talent.

You can see Pricilla and little Bernadette peaking in the windows with cartoons of Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats. Since the Farm cats are a BIG part of the blog and the Farm they thought they should be part of the design.

OK - that's it.
I have been nice for long enough - WHAT ABOUT ABBYGOAT?

Not THAT big! It's a bad camera angle!

Do I not have a WHOLE DAY?

Why am I not up there?
I am going to protest to the publicist.

Until I get things changed around here you should enjoy our new look.
I maaa so.
Even though the most beautiful goat on the Farm is not there it is still very nice.

If you need a new design on your blog or on your twitter or facebook or for business cards or anything Glogirly is your erm, girl!

Glogirly Blog Header

And after you check out her really cool blog designs (she also did the publicist's blog!) be sure to visit Katie and Waffles on their blog, Glogirly.com. They are very funny cats. For cats.


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