Friday, December 6, 2013

A Drove of Pigs

Farm Cat Friday is postponed until tomorrow.

I have an announcement.
I would let Bernadette maaa this to you as part of her training but I wanted to show you.
A BIG DROVE of pigs left my soap shop.
It's true!
I would not lie.

That is a LOT of pigs!
What do you mean they don't look like pigs?

Of course they are pigs!
They are for a baby shower.
They are custom shower favors!
A little pig in a bag with a custom tag.

The baby is going to be named Charlotte so it is a Charlotte's Web themed shower.
Isn't that cute?
I sure think so.
The publicist made them all up and mailed them out yesterday.

Each one has the scent listed on the back so the guests know what they are getting.

There is special pricing when you buy this many piggie soaps.
You can always ask about it if you have a party and need more than 20 of my bigger soaps.
The small travel size soaps are always $1 each. I think they will be going up to $1.50 after the new year.

I am sure that the new mommy will be happy with her Drove of Pigs.

I did a child's party once and sent my cowgoat soaps for that one.
Good times. Good times.

So be sure to keep me in mind for a great favor for your parties.
I am not retired yet publicist.
There is still some Spokes in this Goat!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Farm Cat Friday Saturday.


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