Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is in the Bucket?

The publicist came into the pen with her bucket full of minerals.
All of us goats knew exactly what she was bringing.
We were excited!
We like our minerals.

Abby is a piggie goat

Some of us AbbyGoat can't wait until the minerals are in their bin.
But little Bernadette still hasn't figured this out yet.
She sees the other goats going gaga for the bucket and of course she wants some too.

She just doesn't know what it is she wants!

Bernadette is curious
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So she peaks in.
She figures it MUST be good if all of us want some.

Just WHAT is this stuff?

It looks interesting.
It smells interesting.

Hey, where'd she go?

She maaas, "I need to get a closer look."
Well, Bernadette?
Is that close enough?

She is one silly little goat!

Awww, three generations sharing

She was soon eating her minerals out of the mineral bin with every other goat.
But she was still interested in the bucket.

I think she wanted to take a nap in there.
Or to kick it.
Or butt it.
Or something.
Silly Bernadette!


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