Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small (Goat) Business Saturday

The publicist tells me that this is Small Business Saturday.
It means that you human types are supposed to do your shopping in small businesses instead of at big stores.
Well guess what?
I am a small goatbusiness!

Therefore you should shop with me!

How could you resist my little face?
So if you need a nice gift you can check out my soap shop.
I'll wait.

I have lots of very nice soaps for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and for travelers. So you can support a small (goat) business, get good gifts and keep me in apples.

I like apples.

I am training Bernadette to take over for me when I retire.

I think she will make an excellent SpokesGoat, don't you?
She is very personable and quite photogenic.
I cannot work forever.
Just don't tell AbbyGoat.....


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