Monday, November 11, 2013

I Have a New Job!

Before I tell you about it all of us Happy Goats want to wish a Happy Veterans Day to our readers from the US and happy Armistice Day to everyone else. We thank all who have served so that we can be free to eat yummy hay and frolic in our goat pen. OK - I know that is not why they serve but if the publicist and male person didn't have their freedoms we would not have ours.

I have a new job.
It's true.
I would not lie.
I am not AbbyGoat that kind of goat.

Can you tell what it is from the photo?
Do you see where I am?

It seems I am to be their baby sitter.

Actually I rather like it in there.
They keep me young.
I wandered in there one day and wouldn't come out so the publicist let me stay.
Now I keep those noisy boys company and watch over them.

I am happy with this new job.
Those silly boys pretty much leave me alone and I get to rest in my favorite goat house again.

And I don't have those other does bothering me all the time trying to pretend like one of THEM is head goat.
Here those boys KNOW who is in charge.

Not bad for an old goat, eh?
I'm no dummygoat!


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