Monday, November 25, 2013

Harry the Farm Cat Shows Sherpa How It's Done

The Farm Cats are taking over the blog again today because Harry could not believe Sherpa's crazy sleeping on Friday. In fact Sherpa was at it again last night!

What a silly kitty!

Even Stinky the Farm cat was a little shocked at his sleeping habits.
Harry decided he needed to show all of you that not all of the Farm cats are crazy sleepers.
He wanted you to know that HE knows how to sleep like a normal cat.

He stretches out on the bed like any cat should.
(Taking up as much space as possible, of course!)

He meows that this is much more comfortable than being squished in between the couch and the cushions.
Pure comfort.

Harry meows he is the expert on how to sleep.
He meows you should pay no attention to the orange cat....

The orange cat might have something to meow about that.
Will the fur fly?
Time will tell.


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