Tuesday, November 12, 2013

AbbyDay - Snow? No Snow Will Stop AbbyGoat!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And this post is written by the best goat in the world.
But you know that.

You all know by now that we had a bit of snow fall around the Farm.
Those silly boys were afraid of the snow.
Silly kids!
I am AbbyGoat - I am not afraid of anything!

In fact, I went into the garden in the snow and had me some frozen snacks!

Have you ever enjoyed frozen kale?
You should - it's very tasty!
I nibbled through my appetizer and then went on to the entree.

Cauliflower leaves!
They were extra crunchy - just the way I like them.

How about you? Do you like cauliflower leaves?
I highly recommend them!

After my main course it was time for dessert.
The garden is a wonderful place for a goat.
What did I find for my sweet ending?

There is nothing better than corn stalks.
Usually the male person has them down by now but lucky for me they were still standing.

Mmmm, corn!
Those corn stalks made for a delicious end to my meal in the garden.
But truth be told I really didn't want to leave.

I begged the publicist to let me stay in there.
But she said no.

I turned to leave with a snack still in my mouth.
It was a good visit though.
I hope I can go back again!

Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase, publicist.
All of that yummy food for the eating.
May I go back again?


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