Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Indignity!

Sometimes I cannot believe the things the publicist makes me do.
I just want to have my quiet life; munch my hay, eat the occasional apple and bask in the sun.
I know I am a Famous SpokesGoat and I take my job VERY seriously but when I am not working, I AM NOT WORKING! Why can she not understand this?

The other day I was just sitting in the goat pen enjoying the sun when she called me out.
She said it would be "fun."
She has a strange idea of "fun."

LOOK at what she made me do:

Does she think I am some kind of prop?
I am not a PROP!
I am, as I maaaed above a FAMOUS SpokesGoat.

Not some kind of sidekick for her use.
Can you tell I am NOT a happy goat?

What is your first clue.....
Do you want to know WHY she subjected me to this?
I thought it was going to be something really big but it was for a giveaway on her blog.
I am shill for HER blog now.

I'd rather eat grass.
In fact, I started TO eat grass.
That ended that now, didn't it?

I am no dummy goat.
When she needed photos again I was not asked to pose.

She found somegoat who really couldn't protest.
I will have to have a maaaaa with Bernadette.
That way when she gets too big to pick up she will know when to put her hoof down.


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