Friday, October 4, 2013

Farm Cat Friday Sherpa (?) Hunts for Mousies

I think that Harry the Farm cat has been whispermeowing in Sherpa's ears about how tasty mousie brains are. Why do I think this? Because I was watching the barn and I saw this:

He does not go in the barn.
In fact the publicist says she has NEVER seen him in the barn.
It's Harry's domain.

He gave Luke the goat's pen quite the inspection!
He went all the way to the far end.

He checked out his hay feeder.
We all wondered if he was going to jump because we all know how much Sherpa likes to be UP.
But he didn't.

He turned around and trotted back.
He wandered around the rest of the barn a bit and then he just sat in the doorway.

Thinking. And looking.
And thinking.
I wonder if he was disappointed he had no mousie brains?

What do you think?


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