Friday, October 11, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - InspectorCat Sherpa Goes to Work!

Since we do things the right way here on the Farm, before the male person put the roof and walls on the motorcycle palace he had it inspected. He certainly wouldn't want to keep building if there was a problem!

So he called in the best inspector he knows.

InspectorCat Sherpa was ON THE JOB!
He takes these tasks VERY seriously.

He walked down one side of the building. He made sure it was well built!

He went around and came up the other side.

Uh - oh! Is there a problem?
NO! But it's good that InspectorCat Sherpa gave it a good look-see.

Now to sit and get his thoughts together for his report.
And maybe spot a mousie or two.

OK! That was a job well done but it's time to go on to further adventures.

Down, down, down he goes.
Good job InspectorCat Sherpa!
What would the male person do without you?

Go off and hunt mousie. You deserve a break!
You worked hard!


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