Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's That Time of Year, Part 1

What time of year you ask?
The time of year a young buck's thoughts turn to nothing but


Commonly called rutting season or, as the publicist refers to it the season of

"I am not a doe!"
"I am NOT a doe!"
"I am not a DOE!"

It's not her favorite time of year.
Can you tell?

When she goes to bring Luke down to his pen he tends to.....wander.
He does not listen to her like he usually does.
He can be a very baaaaad boy.

It is a good thing he is cute.

He leaves his pen and he goes hither.

He goes yon.

He stops for a snack.

Or two....

....or three.
What he does NOT do is listen to the publicist.
She calls and calls and calls and....nothing.

But suddenly what is happening?

Is Luke the goat coming towards her?
He is!
I wonder why?

Oh! The publicist has a BRIBE!
A piece of the chokecherry bush.
He will follow her anywhere for that!

Mmmm, I would too.
I am jealous. Maybe I should misbehave it means getting a TREAT!

Look at him.
He went in his pen!
That publicist is no dummy.

He sure is enjoying his bribe.
I wonder what she is going to do when the bush dies for the winter?

Luke will still need to get in his pen.

Whether he likes it or not!


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