Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bernadette the Goat wonders, "Is Someone Watching Over Me?"

Bernadette the goat was in her pen with her nanny.
She was quietly munching on her hay.

She is a good little kid.
Very quiet.
Very well behaved.
OK - maybe she likes to escape her pen and run amok but she IS very cute!

Then she felt like she was being watched.

You know that feeling, right?
Who could be spying on little Bernadette?

Who else?
What are you up to?

Why are you spying on little Bernadette?
She is just fine in her pen with her nanny.
You are her grandnanny. Leave her be!

WHAT do you want?
I should have known!

You ate all of YOUR grain, didn't you?

Now you want Bernadette's.
That is NOT nice!

I don't care what you think. It is her grain and if she hasn't finished it her nanny will.
The publicist is NOT going to give you more.

You are a PIGGIE GOAT!
Stop trying to intimidate the poor little kid.

The publicist says you have had enough!


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