Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Studmuffin Enjoys Some Husks

I cannot tell you how much we all enjoy this time of year.
We get all manner of yummy treats.
It is fun to live on a Farm!

The corn came in the other day - 100 ears!
That is a lot of corn.
And do you know what a lot of corn means?
A lot of corn husks!

We goats get to eat the corn husks....

Luke the goat certainly enjoyed his share.
He has to build up his strength you know.
The rut is coming.

So he really dug into his husks.
He knows that they are good for him.

He might not like everything that the publicist gives him but there isn't a goat on the Farm that doesn't like corn in any way shape or form.

Doesn't he look handsome?
Ooooh, I do love my studmuffin!

Maybe the publicist will let me me join him - what do you think?
I wonder what HE would think?

A doe can dream, can't she?


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