Monday, August 26, 2013

For ME?

I must apologize that my blog is late this morning. The publicist tells me that the power went out yesterday after she put me in the barn. I wondered why she did not invite me into the yurt to write my blog! She said it did not come back on again until long after she was asleep!

For ME?
You brought that delicious, sweet watermelon here for ME?

Mmm, munch, slurp, nom!

I can't believe you brought it all for ME!

I have to share?
I guess I can do that.

I don't mind if my studmuffin has a piece of delicious, juicy watermelon.

I am NOT stealing the rest of the watermelon in the bowl!
I am merely taste testing it to make sure it is not poisoned.
THAT is it.
I am sacrificing myself to save the others.

Now SHE wants some.
What did SHE do to deserve some?

I am a good goat.
I share - unlike some AbbyGoats goats around this Farm

Oh, the little goats did not like the watermelon.
Silly boys!
That means more for ME!

I am NOT selfish, I just LOVE watermelon.


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