Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AbbyDay POSTPONED! Pricilla Tries a New Treat

It is very scary for me today.
Why you ask?
Because we are postponing AbbyDay!

Do I look scared?
Maybe she will not notice.
Please do not tell her, OK?

You know that the publicist spoils me terribly.
It is because I am her special pet.
(It might also be because I am getting old but I don't care because I get extra treats!)

Yesterday she came to me with something new.

Hmmmm, what is this?
I had never smelled anything like this before - what could it be?

The publicist opened it up for me.
She is nice like that.

It smelled EVEN BETTER!

Mmmm, nom, nom, nom!
It is so sweet.
You can see how much I am enjoying it!

I think Harry the Farm cat is jealous!

She tells me it is something called an apry-caught
I am MOST in favor of these.

Hey publicist - I want MORE!

What do you mean there are no more?!

This is disappointing!
I like those apry-caughts

I know you told me that our very nice neighbor brought them for you and the male person.
I know you told me that our very nice neighbor meant them for humans not goats.

But how can you resist me when I smile at you like this?

Hahahaha! I knew it! Munch, chew, nom, nom, nom!
Thank you publicist.
Thank you nice neighbor!


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