Saturday, August 3, 2013

A RAW Tale in Three Parts, Part 2

You will recall that we left Harry the Farm cat patiently seeking mousie in one of the pens in the barn yesterday.

Did he find the mousie?
What do you think?

Of COURSE he did!
Harry is one expert huntercat!

He brought that mousie out of the barn to show it off and to do whatever it is cats do to mousies before they eat brains. (I do not understand this eating of brains, but then again I am a vegan goat.)

Harry put the mousie down.
It being a mousie - it ran away.
I can't say that I blame it!
Harry chased after it and for a minute there I thought he was going to lose his mousie!

The mousie was smart!
It hid behind the barn door.

Harry looked and searched and searched and looked.

Well, for Harry. Not for the mousie.

He took it further away this time.
Harry is no dummycat!

He put it down again because we all know that cats need to play with their prey.

Run, mousie, RUN!

Harry and the mousie played at well, cat and mouse.

Until he picked up the mousie and...

I don't think Harry was expecting THIS!

Be sure to come back on Monday for the conclusion to the story!


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