Thursday, July 25, 2013

What a Wonderful Sight

It was early in the morning.

What is that?
What do I see?

What does Luke the goat see?

The HayMan Cometh!
Which was really good because do you see the hay pile?
You don't?
Do you know why you don't see the hay pile?


The publicist used it all up the day before the HayMan got here.
She let us run out of hay!
Can you imagine such a thing?

But the HayMan brought his little machine and he piled the hay up really high for us.

He piled and piled and piled and piled.

Until there was no room to pile any more.
Five tons of hay!
We are piggie goats!

Of course it was inspected.

And then there was the complete and total unadulterated joy of NEW HAY!
Yay for hay!


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