Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Publicist FORGOT Me!

Can you believe such a thing?!
It's true!
I would not lie!

I think she is tired.
It is the ONLY explanation.
Why else would she forget to come get me to write my blog?
I think I will forgive her but if it ever happens again.....

It is very HOT here right now.
I know it is very hot all over the country right now too.
We goats are not doing much besides trying to stay out of the sun.

I like to lie in the cool dirt.
That way I can get a bath and sit at the same time.
I am no dummy!

Thelma sits, but kids always have a bit more energy no matter the weather.
I have seen those silly kids running. RUNNING!
In this heat.

Louise is due next month and she is resting a lot these days.

And we all smiled when we saw AbbyGoat share a special moment with Ricky.

I am sorry the publicist made me late with my post.
I will make sure IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.


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