Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Male Person is a GREAT Guy

Can you guess why?
Because he brought us turnip greens.
The male person - not the publicist!
Wasn't that nice of him?

He came to ME first of course.

He knows how much I love my greens.
He left me a bunch and then he went to the greedy goats other pen.

Thelma and Louise had eaten tasty turnip greens before but Mick and Keith weren't quite sure about them.
They soon learned that if the male person is passing it out it's from the garden and if it's from the garden it's tasty!

The got down to munching.
Smart kids.
But you will note who is stealing them before he can give them to her.

Uh huh - the chief piggie goat!

Just look at her!
She has her snout right up in the greens.

Poor Thelma and Louise.
If they are not careful AbbyGoat will eat them all!

The male person TRIES to pass them out.
(Can you see me in the background enjoying my greens in PEACE?)

But somegoat is always there sneaking them out from the bottom of the pile.
Hey wait a minute!
Like nanny, like kid!

Abby is teaching little Rudy to steal the greens too!


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