Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Male Person Brings Us a Present

You will not believe your eyes!
The male person brought us a present.
A BIG present.

A great big pile of wood!
Can you believe it?
Isn't he wonderful?
All for us!

It's not for US?!
How can that be?
It's to cut up to heat the yurt in winter?!
What a waste of good wood.

Until he gets to it in his "spare time" we goats are going to enjoy the tasty bark.
Especially little Rudy.
He really enjoyed it.

He climbed right up to the top.
It didn't matter that he is the smallest goat on the Farm.
He was going to be King of the wood pile!

He has his nibbling skills down pat.
He knows good bark when he eats it!

Even if sometimes it looks like he might fall right off the pile!

He never did!
He is a sure-hooved little goat!

He even did some stretching up there.
He takes after his grandnanny for sure!

We ALL enjoyed that big pile of wood, you will see.


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