Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Harry and Sherpa Chillax Thanks to Katie and Waffles

Harry and Sherpa have a new place to sleep.
NO! Not at another Farm sillies!
They won a Peach Industries Kitty Lounger from Katie and Waffles at!
They are very excited!

In truth, it's really Harry who rules the lounger - he just lets Sherpa "borrow" it now and again. Mostly when Harry is out eating mousie brains.

I'll let him meow you all about it.
Take it away Harry!

You maaaain' at me?

I have an audience!?!

Let me stretch a minute and I'll get to it.
Sheesh! Let a cat wake up.
OK - first off I would like to meow my thanks to Katie and Waffles. I LOVE my new lounger. It is THE BEST. The publicist has stuff all over the yurt for us kitties and I never slept on anything. It drove her crazy! All part of my devious plan of course. But the minute she set up this lounger it was MINE, ALL MINE!

It is so very comfortable. Just the right size for me.

I can even do my cat yoga on it if I want.
Do I not look blissful?

I even brought my favorite toy up on it so I could play and lounge at the same time.
~KITTIES - do not try this unless you are experienced. It is TRICKY!~

Then I napped.
I love napping.
(You are not the only one Spitty!)

It is true that I sometimes let my brother Sherpa use my lounger when I am not around.
I am a nice brother.
I can share.

The publicist said I even had to let Stinky and Pumpkin have a try too but erm, no comment. I did let Sherpa on MY lounger at the same time I was on my lounger.
For the publicist.

I think we did our bit.

Can he go now?

I really, really, really like my lounger. As you can tell it's very strong. It can hold the both of us. I weigh 8lbs and Sherpa weighs 12lbs and I'm sure it could hold more. The fabric cover can go in the wash to get rid of all of that obnoxious orange fur be cleaned.  The publicist likes it because it's eco-friendly and she really likes the pretty colors. It goes with the yurt. The loungers are also available in other colors. You can see them all HERE.

The lounger came in a really cool burlap bag. 

It is very useful for carrying things around.
Like books....or Sherpas.

I thank Katie, Waffles, Glogirly and Peach Industries for giving me such a comfortable and stylish place to sleep. (You do know that Glogirly did the redesign on the publicist's blog. She does EXCELLENT work. Check her out at Glogirly Design)

Now if they could only do something about Sherpa.....


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