Friday, June 21, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Deck Inspections Continue

You will recall that Sherpa the Farm cat is quite the InspectorCat. He has been checking up on the contractor building the new deck on the yurt. Well it appears he has hired an assistantcat.

Who you ask?
Why Pumpkin the Farm cat!
The publicist found this quite amusing as Pumpkin barely stirs himself for anything.
Not even treats!
But there he was....

...out with Sherpa checking out the new deck.

Sherpa was most assuredly in charge of this inspection.
He seemed to be giving Pumpkin orders!
Which Pumpkin studiously ignored.

He went his own way and checked out the edge.
Hmmm, what could be down there?
I have no clue. I just eat the grass around here.

But it must have been pretty interesting because Pumpkin JUMPED!
And had an asthma attack.
Poor Pumpkin.
He has them all the time.

Sherpa soon joined him and they went off to explore the Farm.
Those Farm cats are crazy!


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